What Is ASO?

What is app store optimization?

In Mobile Marketing, ASO stands for App Store Optimization. ASO is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app when users search for Apps in iTunes Appstore for Apple devices,or Google Play Store for Android devices. It is a similar concept as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Websites. There are five key elements that contributes to an App’s ASO ranking: Continue reading →


What is SEOquake

In SEO, it is important to know the available tools out there that can empower us to be more effective. If you go to Firefox and do a search on the SEO Add-ons, you will see the following results with SEOquake having more than 55 thousands users. Among the SEO Add-ons SEOQuake top the list in terms of number of users. So there must be something about this tool that we must explore. Continue reading →

Why Digital Marketing is important to your business?

Two main driving force is causing the whole hype in Digital Marketing:

    1. First, customers are using digital media — mobile devices, social networks, internet search, watching videos on youtube and gaming. Hence, very naturally, the best way to get the attention of your customers is not limited to Television programs. You can reach your customers through Facebook, emails, SMS, Google searches, Youtube, etc.

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What is Digital Marketing

In recent years, when we browse jobs in the classified ads and jobs portals, we see a lot of positions looking for Digital Marketer. Such positions were almost unheard of some 5 years ago. Much of the job descriptions on Digital Marketing requires skills on search engine optimising and social media marketing.

But what exactly is Digital Marketing and how will it impact you if you are a business owner or a marketing professional? Continue reading →