How to view my posts on Linkedin?

Sometimes, we read a good article and there was a Linkedin share button for us to share on Linkedin, as shown in this screenshot image:

We click on the share button and get it successfully shared. However, when we visit our Linkedin page, we do not see the post on our Linkedin page. All we see is the first row where we can share an article. Even if you paste the article’s URL on it or add an image to share, you do not see the post after you click on the  blue ‘Post’ button.

To view your posts, you must click on your ‘Profile’ either by clicking on your profile image or on the ‘Me’ in the top right menu and then click on ‘view profile’. Then when you are on your profile page, scroll down and you will see ‘Your Activity’ as shown here:

When you click on ‘See all activity’, you will see all the posts you have shared and all the articles which you have written using the Linkedin editor. Linkedin separates out the posts which are written elsewhere and you shared on Linkedin from the articles which you write within the Linkedin editor.

Screenshot 2017-04-11 02.12.06


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