Why Digital Marketing is important to your business?

Two main driving force is causing the whole hype in Digital Marketing:

    1. First, customers are using digital media — mobile devices, social networks, internet search, watching videos on youtube and gaming. Hence, very naturally, the best way to get the attention of your customers is not limited to Television programs. You can reach your customers through Facebook, emails, SMS, Google searches, Youtube, etc.

  1. Unlike traditional marketing channels such as TV advertisements, Bus advertisements, roadshows, newspaper advertisements, etc., the start-up cost of placing information on digital media are much lower. In fact, you can place a video on youtube for free, connect to your customers via Facebook page or Google+ pages for free and even set up a website for free!

Hence, if you are a business owner, it is both a threat as well as opportunities to you. It is a threat because it means lower entry barrier to an industry and hence many startups who are more technology savvy can rise up to compete effectively with incumbent players. However, it can also mean opportunities to business owners because there are more effective marketing channels to reach and engage your customers. With digital media, you can expand your coverage by reaching a global market. If you are not already into Digital Marketing, then you should start exploring how you can achiever your marketing objectives through these digital media.

  1. Mobile Phones
  2. Digital Video
  3. ebook
  4. emails
  5. Websites
  6. E-commerece
  7. Interactive games

With every new technology, if successfully deployed, can mean turning a start-up company to a global giant.

Does Digital Marketing applies to B2B?

If your customers are business entities instead of consumers and you are wondering if Digital Marketing applies to your business, the simple, direct answer is yes.  Selling to businesses requires you to build confidence in your business customers that your company has the capabilities and know-how to serve them. In other words, you need to establish your brand as thought leaders in your  industry. In the past, companies do so through publishing of white papers, running institutions and certifications. With today’s context, the first point for your customer before they work on any project is to research for best practices and know-how on the internet. Hence, you can achieve the same marketing objective  of brand building through content and search engine marketing, making your companies searchable  on internet whenever your customers search for knowledge.

Keen to go deeper into how to apply Digital Marketing tools for business-to-business marketing? I would recommend the following book: B2B Marketing by Michael Miller.



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