Why I am unable to edit App information in Google Play Developer Console

Starting in April 2017, the Google  Play Developer Console has an updated design and navigation. All of the features you’re familiar with are still available, but some may have moved.

If you wish to update your App information, once you are logged in to the Developer Console, select the App you want to update. On the left sidebar menu, click on Store presence>store listing:

Editing is locked?

If you find that the editing fields are locked and you are unable to do any editing, then check for any alerts message which Google may have sent you. To do that, go to the home page of the Console by 1. Clicking on the Google Play Console logo. You will then see the ‘Alerts’ tab in the left sidebar menu. 2. Click on Allerts to see the messages and 3. Take necessary actions.

If you see a screen with messages informing you that some information about your app is incomplete (even though you have previously filled up these information when you publish your App), simply click on the items to provide the requested information.

Once you provide the necessary information, you should be able to go back to Store Presences> Store Listing to update your App’s information.


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