What Is ASO?

What is app store optimization?

In Mobile Marketing, ASO stands for App Store Optimization. ASO is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app when users search for Apps in iTunes Appstore for Apple devices,or Google Play Store for Android devices. It is a similar concept as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Websites. There are five key elements that contributes to an App’s ASO ranking:

  1. The name of your app;
  2. your app’s description;
  3. the number of user ratings;
  4. the quality of user ratings; and 
  5. the number of downloads your app gets.Let’s talk about each of these in more detail. The name of your app should be as descriptive as possible, while striking a balance between having a concise brandable title versus a spammy title that is completely filled with keywords.If you plan on releasing outside of your Native Country,localize the name and title of your app

    How the iTunes App Store ranks your app

    Putting a keyword in your App’s title (limited to 50 character)can contribute significantly to your ASO.Keywords in the name are recognized as ranking signalsand carry more weight than keywords in the keywords field.
    Apple has a keyword field but is limited to 100 characters.
     To take full advantage of the 100-character limit in the keyword field, remove all spaces between any of your keywords and instead separate your keywords with a single comma without a space following it.

    There is also a description field, limited to 4000 character but do ensure that you describe your App within the first 3 sentences, before the ‘read more’ fold as users may not tap on the ‘read more’.

    How Google Play ranks your app

    For Google Play, the App’s title (limited to 30 character) is the most important aspectfor initial ranking in Google Play.>Similar to iTunes App Store, Google Play also give a strong ranking signal for Unlike iTunes, Google Play does not provide a Keyword field. Only the App description is available. Keywords here are recognized as a strong ranking signal, hence, it is important to include five to 10 long-tailrelated keywords (3 to 5 keyword phrases) in the App’s description.


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