Why some WordPress Twenty-Seventeen Install does not have a Theme Option in Customizer

If you are wondering why your WordPress Install with the default Twenty Seventeen does not come with the Theme Options while the documentation mentioned about it, then this post will answer your question.Recently, in one of my new install using Dreamhost, I discovered that the WordPress Twenty Seventeen that was installed by default had all the images and sections as in the Twenty Seventeen Demo site. The pages ‘Home’, ‘About’, Contact’, and ‘Blog’ were automatically created and the featured images existed on my site. This, however, does not happen if I add the Seventy Seventeen theme to an existing website nor does it happen for other new install of WordPress website using other web hosts.

After some investigation, I discovered the following:

  1. If you choose to have the Front page of website to read from a Static page, e.g. Home, then, there is a Theme Option that appear on the Customizer menu.
  2. If you click on the Theme Option, it will present you with a few section where you can create pages. Once you have created your pages, and add a featured image to each page and assign each section to a page, the site will automatically works like Twenty Seventeen demo site with the parallax effect.This theme option tab will be gone if you choose to have the Static Front page displaying your recent posts, as shown below:
  3.  When I did my new WordPress install using Dreamhost ‘One-click delux install’, it is even easier. Once, I go to the customiser, after a few seconds, even without selecting to point the Static Front page to a page, the Theme Options appear. Then when I click on the Theme Option, just one to two seconds later, each of the section is pointing to a page automatically created and even the menu is created. The featured image appear and as you scroll, you can see the parallax effect.

The above explains why some times we see the Theme Options, sometimes we do not. If you are using a Web host that do not provide you with the automated Theme Options, then just have to create the following pages –Home, About, Contact, Blog or whichever pages you wish to have for the front page. Set a featured image for each of the pages. Go to Appearance>Customizer>Static Front Page and point it to the ‘Home Page’. Then when you see the Theme Options appearing, click on it and assign each section to the page you want to . You will see the featured images appearing on the Customizer and you can scroll to see the parallax effect.

You may also want to check out this forum discussion to learn more.


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