What is Digital Marketing

In recent years, when we browse jobs in the classified ads and jobs portals, we see a lot of positions looking for Digital Marketer. Such positions were almost unheard of some 5 years ago. Much of the job descriptions on Digital Marketing requires skills on search engine optimising and social media marketing.

But what exactly is Digital Marketing and how will it impact you if you are a business owner or a marketing professional?

Let me quote from Michael Miller, author of B2B Digital Marketing

At its most basic, digital marketing is no different from traditional marketing, you’re still trying to present customers with the information they need….what’s different about digital marketing are the channels you use to relay these messages…you’re now using Internet-based media such as websites, email and social networks….it’s the medium..”

In the past, people only talked about web marketing, internet marketing or online marketing (terms used interchangeably to refer to using the website as the main marketing media). However, in recent years, with smartphones, tablets, mobile applications, videos, podcasts and social media, a bigger umbrella is used — Digital Marketing. The list of media will continue to grow and this means growing  opportunities for business owners and marketing professionals who are looking for more cost effective ways to engage your customers and sell their products. Follow my blog as I share with you valuable insights on how you can use each of the following digital media to market your products and build your brands:

  1. Websites
  2. Mobile Apps
  3. DIY Videos
  4. ebooks
  5. e-mails
  6. Interactive games

If you are eager to have a quick grasp of how to go about exploring Digital Marketing, here’s a good book that will give you a quick jumpstart: “Teach Yourself Successful Digital Marketing in A Week” by Nick Smith.




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